Water- & Air-Cooled Screw Chiller Maintenance

In an industrial or commercial environment, water- and air-cooled screw chillers are one of the most effective ways to provide reliable, efficient cooling. As a critical part of a business’s infrastructure, proper maintenance is essential to keep industrial chiller systems operating at peak performance and efficiency.

At AccuTemp Mechanical, our expert, union-certified technicians can provide industrial chiller services required to keep your water- and air-cooled screw chillers operating properly, from ongoing routine maintenance to repairs or replacements as necessary. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout Kenosha, as well as the surrounding areas in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We offer a full range of mechanical services, including commercial HVAC, refrigeration, piping, and more.

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Why Maintenance Is Important for Screw Chiller Systems

During normal operation at a typical industrial or commercial facility, screw chillers are put under consistently large loads, often for as long as 24 hours a day. As the forces of heat and friction act on a chiller, components will begin to degrade, leading to reduced performance, lower efficiency, and a shorter life span. Routine chiller maintenance works to counteract these effects, allowing your screw chiller to operate more reliably and efficiently while extending its service life and preventing problems that could lead to downtime. At AccuTemp Mechanical, our comprehensive maintenance services are a cost-effective way to protect your investment and keep your facility productive.

Routine Maintenance for Water- & Air-Cooled Screw Chillers

Screw chillers must be regularly cleaned, lubricated, and thoroughly inspected to ensure they are working properly. At AccuTemp Mechanical, we feature a multi-step maintenance process that includes:


  • System operation and efficiency
  • Refrigerant charge and pressures
  • Safeties and controls
  • Compressor voltage and amperage
  • Oil condition and full analysis
  • Vibration signature
  • Eddy analysis

Inspection of:

  • Refrigerant lines for leaks
  • Electrical connections for looseness, scorching, or damage
  • Oil levels and appearance
  • Contactor condition and operation
  • Mounting pads and bolts for looseness or damage


  • Oil and filter assessment or replacement
  • Lubrication of bearings, bushings, and other moving parts
  • Cleaning the casing and exterior components
  • Cleaning and tightening electrical terminals and contacts

Our maintenance services are designed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications for your equipment, and we use only quality replacement components when replacements are necessary.

Our Screw Chiller Maintenance Programs & Their Benefits

At AccuTemp Mechanical, we offer custom maintenance programs for water- and air-cooled screw chillers, as well as all your other commercial HVAC equipment. They are tailored to the specific needs of your equipment and offer several benefits for your business, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower utility costs
  • Fewer service calls and repairs
  • Longer service life for your screw chillers
  • Greater comfort and productivity at your facility

We can also evaluate your chillers and perform a full cost-benefit analysis to determine if an upgrade to the latest high-performance, energy-efficient equipment is a viable, cost-effective choice for your business. Often, the long-term energy savings and higher reliability of a new chiller can make the upfront costs more attractive, and at AccuTemp Mechanical, we offer a full line of high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers.

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Schedule Screw Chiller Maintenance in Kenosha, WI

To keep the screw chillers at your business operating at peak performance and efficiency, trust our team at AccuTemp Mechanical for comprehensive, professional maintenance services. We pride ourselves on our commitment to superior service and workmanship, and we are available 24/7 for all your most critical HVAC problems.

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