Industrial & Commercial Steam Boiler Maintenance in Kenosha, WI

At an industrial or commercial facility, a typical steam boiler provides not only a comfortable environment for employees and visitors, but it also provides a power source for industrial processes and equipment. As such, its reliability is essential, and with a well-designed maintenance program, you can protect your equipment and keep it in peak operating condition.

At AccuTemp Mechanical, we can help. Our experienced, union-certified technicians can provide comprehensive steam boiler maintenance, as well as custom maintenance programs that are tailored to the needs of your equipment. Our company serves business facilities throughout Kenosha and the surrounding areas, providing complete industrial and commercial HVAC services that include heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, piping, and more.

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Why Should I Maintain My Boiler?

A steam boiler generally operates around the clock and is subjected to extreme loads, high heat, corrosion, and more. Routine maintenance encourages reliable and efficient operation through regular cleaning, calibration, inspections, and testing. Worn components can be replaced early, prior to causing a system failure, and potential problems can be corrected, preventing downtime and a loss of productivity. At AccuTemp Mechanical, we have extensive experience with steam boilers and related equipment, ensuring that your system is in good hands.

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The Benefits of Steam Boiler Maintenance

When your steam boiler is inspected and serviced often by our team at AccuTemp Mechanical, your business can experience several benefits:

  • More reliable and efficient operation
  • Lower overall energy costs
  • Lower repair costs and fewer service calls
  • Greater productivity and reduced downtime
  • Improved performance and service life for the boiler, piping, and related systems

Our maintenance services are an effective and affordable way to make sure your steam boiler performs at its best while keeping your operational costs as low as possible.

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Our Steam Boiler Maintenance Services

With AccuTemp Mechanical, you can count on quality, reliable maintenance for your steam boiler, piping, controls, and related equipment. Our expert technicians will develop a maintenance program customized to your needs, and we will provide all the routine service required by your steam boiler, including:


  • Gas pressures and controls
  • Fire rate and combustion air controls
  • Steam and water pressure
  • Flue gas concentrations
  • Pumps and drive motors
  • Safety and control systems
  • Boiler performance and efficiency


  • Steam pipes and fittings
  • Burner tubes and plate
  • Firebrick and refractory materials
  • Insulating materials
  • Flue passages
  • Expansion tanks and pressure vessels
  • Electrical terminals and contacts
  • Seals and gaskets

Tune-up services:

  • Cleaning the burners, flue passages, and combustion chamber
  • Adjusting gas, steam, and air pressures
  • Testing safety and control devices
  • Calibrating thermostats, controls, and gauges
  • Checking for water or steam leaks
  • Bleeding air from the system
  • Lubricating any moving parts

Our experts can also evaluate your steam boiler and recommend upgrades that could save you energy and reduce your overall costs. We feature cost-benefit analysis services that can forecast the payback time on new investments and help you determine when it is cost-effective to install new equipment. If you decide to replace your boiler, we offer complete installation and design/build services, as well as energy-efficient steam boilers from leading manufacturers like Bryan, Cleaver-Brooks, Murray Mechanical, Weil McClain, and more.

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Schedule Steam Boiler Maintenance in Kenosha with AccuTemp Mechanical

From steam boiler maintenance and repairs to new boiler installations, you can count on our team at AccuTemp Mechanical for all your industrial and commercial boiler needs. We also offer 24-hour emergency service to help you avoid extended downtime when critical systems fail.

To schedule steam boiler maintenance in Kenosha or the surrounding areas, call our team today at 262-654-8222 or contact us online.


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