Industrial & Commercial Pneumatic Control Maintenance in Kenosha, WI

Industrial & Commercial Pneumatic Control Maintenance

Pneumatic controls are an effective and reliable way to automate complex commercial and industrial systems, including heating and air conditioning equipment, industrial processes, and other systems. With proper maintenance and care, pneumatic controls can often be more robust and dependable than electric equivalents, though the system is more complex.

At AccuTemp Mechanical, we can provide the care necessary to ensure your pneumatic control systems operate as reliable as possible, minimizing downtime at your facility and keeping costs to a minimum. We provide pneumatic control maintenance for commercial and industrial facilities throughout Kenosha and the surrounding areas of Wisconsin. Our union-certified technicians have the experience and equipment to handle all the industrial and commercial HVAC needs for your business, from heating and air conditioning to piping and refrigeration.

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Why Pneumatic Control Maintenance is Important

For pneumatic control and DDC systems to work correctly, they require precise air pressures and volume, a clean air supply, proper lubrication, and as little moisture in the lines as possible. Routine maintenance helps to ensure that the compressor, lines, filters, and actuators are in the proper condition for the system to operate effectively. Both the equipment at your facility and the success of your business depends on reliable, effective pneumatic controls, and regular maintenance is a cost-effective measure that can protect that investment.

The Benefits of Routine Pneumatic Control Maintenance

With our custom maintenance programs from AccuTemp Mechanical, we will keep your pneumatic control systems in peak condition, which can provide many great benefits for your business, including:

  • Less downtime due to pneumatic control or pneumatic tool failures
  • Greater accuracy and reliability
  • Fewer service calls and repairs
  • Better performance and longer lifespan for pneumatic controls and connected equipment
  • Improved efficiency and productivity at your business

We service all types of pneumatic controls and we will tailor our maintenance services to the needs of your equipment.

Pneumatic Control Maintenance in Kenosha, WI

At AccuTemp Mechanical, our pneumatic control maintenance includes all the cleaning, lubrication, testing, and calibration necessary to keep your equipment functioning as reliably and efficiently as possible. Our expert technicians will evaluate your pneumatic controls and design a maintenance program that provides cost-effective service at regular intervals. It will include all the basic maintenance for your system, including:

  • Servicing the air compressor and motor
  • Checking its power draw, seals, oil levels, and controls
  • Inspecting the air lines, valves, and actuators for leaks
  • Cleaning and servicing valves
  • Replacing the air filters and servicing the dryers
  • Checking air pressures and volume
  • Calibrating pneumatic thermostats, controls, and actuators
  • Servicing dampers and actuators
  • Purging moisture from the system
  • Providing proper lubrication for pneumatic tools and actuators
  • Lubricating bearings, bushings, and other moving components
  • Inspecting and cleaning electrical connections and terminals
  • Testing overall system operation

We can also recommend upgrades to your pneumatic control system that can help you save energy and improve reliability.

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Schedule Pneumatic Control Maintenance in Kenosha, WI

Reliable maintenance is a key part of keeping your pneumatic controls and your business operating successfully. At AccuTemp Mechanical, we are committed to helping your business achieve its goals through dependable, cost-effective pneumatic control maintenance, as well as quality, professional service for all your other industrial and commercial HVAC systems.

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