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Our highly trained and certified union technicians will safely and effectively keep your heating systems running smoothly through Kenosha’s coldest winters. We offer comprehensive commercial and industrial heating services, including installation, repairs, and maintenance to meet the needs of your business.

To learn more about our industrial heating services in Kenosha and the surrounding areas, give us a call at 262-654-8222  or contact us online today.

Industrial & Commercial Heating Replacement

We design and install environmentally friendly, energy-efficient heating systems for industrial and commercial applications in the Kenosha area. Our state-of-the-art heating systems will help you save on your monthly energy bills and keep your building warm and comfortable for your employees during our sometimes cold, brutal winters. We install steam, hot water, gas, and electric industrial and commercial heating systems.

Our heating systems include boilers and burners, infrared and radiant, and unit and duct heaters. They are available for all types of commercial and industrial properties throughout Wisconsin, including manufacturing facilities, food and printing plants, movie theaters, hotels, medical facilities, and more.

Need commercial heating system replacement or new installation in the Kenosha area? Contact the team at AccuTemp Mechanical today to learn more about our industrial heating services in Kenosha!

Industrial & Commercial Heating Maintenance

We partner with you to develop a comprehensive heating maintenance plan designed to reduce costly emergency service calls, extend the life of your equipment, and improve comfort in your building. We offer maintenance for electric heating systems, steam heating systems, hot water heating systems, and gas heating systems. Our process for heating maintenance includes:


  • Gas pressure
  • Safeties and controls
  • Operation
  • Efficiency


  • Burner, heat exchanger, and flue
  • Combustion controls
  • Firebrick and refractory
  • Contractors

  • Clean the burners
  • Check and adjust gas pressure
  • Calibration of controls
  • Combustion analysis

Industrial heating maintenance is important to extend the life of your heating system and keep everything running smoothly. Contact Accutemp Mechanical  for expert heating maintenance.

Industrial & Commercial Heating Repair

If your industrial or commercial heating systems are not operating correctly or efficiently, we can provide you with cost-effective heating repair services. We offer prompt and efficient repairs on all types of commercial and industrial heating systems for businesses throughout Kenosha, including steam, hot water, gas, and electric systems.

Does your industrial heating system need a repair? Contact Accutemp Mechanical today!

Schedule Heating Services in Kenosha With AccuTemp Mechanical

When you need to maintain, replace, or repair your industrial or commercial heating systems, our trained and certified union technicians are here to help. We can help you quickly get to the root of any problem and implement the most economical solutions for your building’s unique heating needs.

Have questions about our commercial heating solutions? Contact us to schedule your appointment or call 262-654-8222 for questions about our heating services in Kenosha!


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