Centrifugal Chiller Services in Kenosha, WI

While at first requiring a considerable initial investment, centrifugal chillers offer high performance and efficiency ratings that can provide your business with ideal temperature control for a wide range of applications. Whether used for structural cooling or process cooling, these systems must be chosen and installed with care, and they require the hand of a trained and practiced professional when it comes to maintenance and repair. To meet these service needs and more, you can trust AccuTemp Mechanical in the Kenosha area.

Our service teams have been helping Wisconsin and Northern Illinois commercial and industrial clients get superior centrifugal chiller services for decades. Whether you’re looking to install a new chiller system in your business, or you need swift repair and routine maintenance services, we are the team in Kenosha County that can offer leading care that keeps your business’ needs at heart first and foremost.

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Centrifugal Chiller Replacement in Kenosha, WI

Centrifugal chiller systems tend to boast a fairly impressive overall lifespan. However, either due to a lack of maintenance or simply the constraints of age, there will come a time when your existing chiller systems will need to be replaced.

Our experts understand how important effective chiller equipment is for your commercial business, and we strive to select and install the ideal system to meet your replacement needs. With our unique level of experience and knowledge, we are highly adept at not only installing new centrifugal chiller systems with precision but also in the way that will offer you the highest performance and efficiencies possible.

Centrifugal Chiller Maintenance Programs

As one of the largest consumers of energy within your building, chillers represent a huge cost when poorly maintained. However, with proper professional care and attention, your centrifugal chiller system can last longer, operate more reliably and effectively, and can even consume and waste less energy overall.

AccuTemp Mechanical offers a full-service maintenance program for our Kenosha clients, providing the full range of cleaning and sanitation, coil maintenance, electrical system inspections, performance evaluations, and much more that keeps your equipment performing at its best.

Interested in a custom maintenance program for your centrifugal chillers and other mechanical systems in the Kenosha area? Get in touch with AccuTemp Mechanical online today!

Kenosha Centrifugal Chiller Repair Service

Even the most minute mechanical hiccup or complication can leave your business struggling to maintain productivity. When you need a repair service team that is swift and accurate, and one that understands the importance of punctuality, you can trust that the professionals at AccuTemp Mechanical will be there to provide. Our teams offer full 24-hour repair support for centrifugal chillers and other chiller systems, ensuring you always have access to experts that will minimize your downtime.

For emergency centrifugal chiller service in Kenosha, Wisconsin, call 262-654-8222 to reach AccuTemp Mechanical!

Industrial & Commercial Centrifugal Chiller Services in WI & Northern IL

AccuTemp Mechanical has been meeting the needs of commercial clients in the Kenosha area for decades. Each member of our team is a trained and certified, highly experienced professional, meaning you’ll only ever receive service from an absolute expert for your centrifugal chiller systems. We take your needs seriously, and offer up our best for every task, no matter how small or large the job may be.

For centrifugal chiller services in Kenosha and the surrounding areas, contact AccuTemp Mechanical online now! We are based in Kenosha and service Milwaukee, Racine, Lake Geneva, and the surrounding areas.


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