At AccuTemp Mechanical, we are pleased to offer commercial HVAC and mechanical services to medical facilities throughout the Kenosha area. We specialize in comprehensive industrial and commercial HVAC services, including air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, computer room AC, ventilation, and more!

Need professional, commercial HVAC services in or around the Kenosha, Wisconsin area? Contact our team today by calling us at 262-654-8222 or scheduling a service appointment online!

Types of Medical Facilities We Work With

Hospitals and many urgent care facilities stay running all day and night. With very little downtime, you need a reliable commercial HVAC company on your side. At AccuTemp Mechanical, we work to keep your medical facility as efficient, comfortable, and healthy as possible. We make it our mission to increase your energy savings, conserve natural resources, and improve your indoor air quality by offering incredible repair, maintenance, and new installation services. We offer these stellar services to medical facilities throughout the Kenosha area, including: 


  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dentist offices
  • Urgent care centers
  • Emergency rooms
  • And more!

Our Commercial HVAC Services in Wisconsin

When it comes to hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities, it can be difficult to ensure that the temperatures stay regulated throughout the year. Humidity, condensation, and exact temperature are vitally important to many hospital processes. At AccuTemp Mechanical, we know the problems that your industry can face and we have experience in dealing with these variables.

We offer the following services to help your commercial HVAC system flourish, no matter the weather:

  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Refrigeration
  • Piping
  • And more!

Want to learn more about how we can serve your Kenosha area hospital or medical facility? Give us a call today at 262-654-8222 or schedule an appointment online!

Schedule Commercial HVAC Services For Medical Facilites Near Wisconsin & Northern Illinois 

Need commercial HVAC repair, maintenance, or new installation services for your medical facility in or around Kenosha, Wisconsin? Our team has your back. Give us a call today at 262-654-8222 to schedule your appointment!



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