HVAC & Mechanical Services for Data Centers in Kenosha, WI

The environment of a data collection, data storage, or computer and control center is something that requires precision control and complete regulation. To accomplish this, your business depends on a variety of mechanical tools from simple air conditioning to complex chiller and exhaust systems. Each and every one of these must operate at peak effectiveness at all times, requiring the attention and service of leading and highly skilled mechanical service professionals. You’ll find that the team at AccuTemp Mechanical is more than equal to the task.

The mechanical service teams at AccuTemp have been assisting data centers and similar businesses within a variety of industries across Kenosha for decades. We carry the extensive training, the experience, and the attention to detail needed to ensure all of your equipment stays at peak performance for as long as you need it.

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Mechanical Services for Data Centers in Kenosha

Our specialists offer a complete list of services for all of the tools and environmental control and testing equipment your business counts on on a day to day basis. Whether you’re seeking complete system design and installation, timely repairs, or comprehensive maintenance service, our team can provide.

We offer services for:

Maintenance Agreements and Programs for Data Centers

Our team understands quite well how important precision and reliability is to your commercial business when it comes to mechanical equipment. All aspects of a data center need to run smoothly and dependably all throughout your day to day operations. That’s why our maintenance services take your unique needs into account, offering ideal solutions and calibrations according to your specific needs.

Our maintenance specialists and teams will perform a complete analysis of all existing equipment, taking note of all needs and specifications. That way, we can offer the exact service for your business and execute a maintenance plan that fulfills your needs to a tee.

Our complete maintenance services include the following and more:

  • Air filter checks and replacement
  • Complete cleaning for all components and relevant systems
  • Refrigerant inspections
  • Testing blower motors, compressors, and fans
  • Belt replacement and adjustment
  • Electrical inspections and safety tests
  • Lubrication for applicable moving parts

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Energy Management for Data Centers

Our specialists are proud to offer data centers all of the advantages of our maintenance programs. But, we also offer services that take it a bit further. Our energy evaluation and management services add opportunities that can assist in streamlining your business, bringing you energy savings bonuses as well as a chance to reduce the carbon footprint of your business. Our green management services are ideal for updating your business in ways that save you money and time.

Evaluation and management services include:

  • Analysis and inspection of existing equipment
  • Cost analysis denoting energy consumption and energy loss
  • Energy-usage comparisons to latest ENERGY STAR® appliances and equipment
  • Potential cost-saving upgrades and mechanical enhancements
  • Custom maintenance programs to meet the needs of your equipment

Schedule Services for Your Kenosha Data Center

Our team stands ready to ensure all of your maintenance and mechanical needs are always met. Trust our decades of experience to bring you the best in business, both in services and satisfaction.

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