Computer Room HVAC Services in Kenosha, WI

High-powered servers, workstations, and networking equipment require specific environmental conditions to ensure maximum uptime and productivity. Heat, humidity, and dust are all detrimental to the longevity and performance of such systems, and a reliable, quality HVAC solution is essential to keep operations in your computer room or data center running smoothly.

At AccuTemp Mechanical, we have the unique experience and knowledge required to design, install, and service computer room HVAC solutions. We feature experienced, highly skilled technicians, and we offer 24-hour emergency service to help you keep downtime at your facility to a minimum. We serve businesses throughout the Kenosha, Wisconsin area, providing cost-effective commercial and industrial HVAC, refrigeration, and piping services.

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Our Computer Room HVAC Systems

Computer systems like data servers require a low-humidity environment with minimal dust and enough cooling to offset the heat they generate during operation. Ideally, the environment should be kept at between 69 and 81 degrees, with very little variation, a relative humidity level of less than 60 percent, and a dew point of less than 59 degrees, according to ASHRAE standards.

At AccuTemp Mechanical, can design and install quality computer room HVAC solutions that meet or exceed these standards, featuring equipment from top manufacturers like Liebert. Our available computer room HVAC solutions include:

  • Room heating and air conditioning systems
  • In-row and rack cooling solutions
  • Racks and cabinets
  • Thermal control systems
  • Dehumidification, air filtering, and ventilation systems
  • And more…

Our experts will work with your business to determine its heating and cooling needs, and we will design and install a system that will maintain the environment your computer equipment requires for peak performance.

Computer Room HVAC Repairs

Problems with your computer room HVAC system can quickly lead to lost productivity, equipment failures, and more. At AccuTemp Mechanical, our skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day to help with any HVAC problems you may encounter, minimizing downtime at your business and protecting your valuable equipment and data. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and training to ensure fast, accurate computer room HVAC repairs, and with our fast response times, you can be sure you receive the help you need, when you need it.

Maintenance & Energy Management for Computer Room HVAC Systems

Proper maintenance of your HVAC system is critical to the longevity and performance of your computer equipment, as well as the energy consumption of your business. At AccuTemp Mechanical, we offer custom maintenance agreements that are tailored to the needs of your equipment and your facility. Our maintenance services are extremely cost-effective and can help to:

  • Reduce energy usage at your business
  • Increase the service life of your HVAC and computer equipment
  • Keep downtime, service calls, and repair costs to a minimum
  • Improve the comfort and air quality in your computer room
  • Increase performance and productivity

We can also evaluate the performance of your current HVAC equipment and recommend upgrades that can reduce your long-term energy costs while increasing reliability and performance. We feature a wide range of energy-efficient, green HVAC equipment that is both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

Schedule Computer Room HVAC Services in Kenosha, WI

Whether you have a small computer room or a massive data center, our experts at AccuTemp Mechanical can provide the HVAC services you need to keep your equipment protected and running reliably. We also offer comprehensive heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services for the rest of your facility, as well as convenient, 24/7 emergency service for any problems you may encounter.

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