Commercial & Residential Air Conditioner Repair Services in Kenosha, WI

At AccuTemp Mechanical, we understand the commercial AC repair needs of businesses and industrial buildings here in Kenosha. For these companies, air conditioning needs can extend beyond our warm local summers. Many commercial locations generate excess heat due to machinery or large groups of people working in a shared space, where it can be warm or humid indoors any time of year.

That’s why companies in a variety of Kenosha industries count on AccuTemp Mechanical commercial and industrial air conditioning repair. We keep companies cool, whether they specialize in manufacturing, food and beverage production, health care, retail, hospitality, education, or other crucial local Milwaukee-area business sectors. 

Kenosha business and industry, we are here for you! Contact AccuTemp Mechanical for expert commercial AC repair today.

Why Does My Kenosha Business Need Commercial Cooling System Repair?

Reliable and cost-effective air conditioning repair helps Kenosha companies keep customers, clients, patients, employees, and members of the public comfortable through a sweltering summer, or even spring and fall. Without expert refrigeration and AC repair, you’ll face health risks, productivity losses, and business interruption.

That’s why AccuTemp Mechanical is here, providing commercial cooling system repair and emergency AC repair. We’re on call for your business HVAC needs 24/7. If you have an AC malfunction at any time, the team at AccuTemp Mechanical has experience with complex industrial air conditioning as well as simple, small-office AC. We’re dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly and comfortably with expert commercial AC repair.

Find out why Kenosha businesses trust AccuTemp Mechanical for commercial cooling system repair. Contact us today.

Common Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs in Kenosha, WI

Our well-trained commercial HVAC technicians can quickly troubleshoot even the most complex air conditioning problems. We solve issues like:

  • Cooling system won’t power on. There may be an electrical short or loose connections. Our tech can test the system and tighten connections, and recommend other repairs as needed.
  • Noise or vibration from commercial AC system. Squealing noises may indicate a slipping, worn fan belt. Prompt AC repairs are needed, since the belt may snap and cause significant damage to the system.
  • Industrial air conditioner blowing warm air. This can be due to a frozen AC evaporator coil, compressor problem, and/or refrigerant leak that leaves your air conditioner unable to cool. Our technicians can check the coil and refrigerant charge, and make recommendations for repair. In the case of compressor failure, we may recommend an AC replacement, which can be a more cost-effective solution.
  • Poor air circulation. There may be a problem with the fan motor. Your expert AccuTemp Mechanical technician can make a prompt repair.
  • Water pooling near the commercial air conditioner. This could be condensation-related or might signal a clogged condensate drain. We can flush the system and help you avoid repeated blockages by applying an algaecide to keep the drain lines clear.

At the first sign of air conditioning trouble, contact AccuTemp Mechanical at 262-654-8222. Once you call AccuTemp Mechanical, problem solved!

Avoid the Need for AC Repair with Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance in Kenosha, WI

You won’t need our expert commercial cooling system repair services often if you take part in our preventative AC maintenance program. Scheduling professional air conditioner maintenance helps keep your commercial air conditioner running at peak performance, often preventing the need for emergency air conditioning repairs. Remember—proper air conditioner maintenance extends the life of your system, delaying the need for system replacement, so that you get the most out of your investment in industrial AC equipment.

To learn more about our professional AC maintenance services for your commercial air conditioning system, contact AccuTemp Mechanical in Kenosha, WI today!

Why Choose AccuTemp in Kenosha for Reliable Commercial AC Repair?

  • Anytime you need AC repair at your business, 24/7/365, you can rely on the AccuTemp Mechanical team
  • Pricing is by the project, not by the hour, so you avoid overtime charges.
  • Our licensed technicians provide a quick, clear diagnosis and recommend the best air conditioning repair solutions. We offer repair options if possible, so you can decide what’s best for your business and your budget.
  • We stand behind our work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Get prompt, expert commercial AC repair from our dedicated team. Contact AccuTemp Mechanical at 262-654-8222 today.

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