Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance in Kenosha, WI

Your air conditioning system plays a crucial part in your business’s success—that’s why we recommend protecting it with professional AC maintenance. Commercial air conditioning makes your Kenosha business comfortable for your staff, customers, and members of the public who may enter.

Your company’s AC system may also have a role in keeping the workplace productive, safe, and healthy—especially if your indoor environment tends to be hot and fast-paced. For example, restaurants, health care facilities, factories, and manufacturing plants may get too warm—and face air quality problems—if your cooling system goes out.

That’s why AccuTemp offers an affordable and effortless (on your part) professional air conditioner maintenance service and program. This preventative AC maintenance helps ensure your commercial air conditioner always cools properly and operates efficiently.

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How Professional Cooling System Maintenance Saves You Money

Preventative maintenance saves money and improves business conditions by keeping your industrial air conditioner in service, functioning well, and operating efficiently. Our Kenosha-area business customers receive an AC inspection and tune-up each year, and our maintenance program offers additional perks, too.

Our commercial AC maintenance service offers cost-effective business growth benefits like:

  • Keeping your AC running properly, so it’s there when you need it. Breakdowns can interrupt the flow of your business and impact your profitability.
  • Ensuring customers are comfortable at all times, making them more likely to stay longer at your place of business, return more often, and remain loyal.
  • Extending the life of your industrial air conditioner, so you get the most from your investment in the equipment and can significantly delay replacement costs.
  • Increasing employee productivity, because a comfortable environment allows staff to get work done.
  • Improving company morale, because work is easier and more comfortable for the team, and good AC shows you care about employee well-being.
  • Preventing some repair calls. With regular inspections, our technicians can catch any impending AC problems, like worn parts. We’ll head off problems by making these minor commercial air conditioning repairs during the maintenance visit, with your permission. (We carry all common parts in our service vans.)
  • Boosting energy efficiency. A well-maintained air conditioning system runs at peak performance (cooling well with little energy waste) for much longer than a neglected system. This keeps your company’s energy bills as low as possible.
  • Providing you peace of mind that your system is in great shape.
  • Adding extra perks for members of our maintenance plans.

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What are Some Benefits of a Maintenance Plan?

When your Kenosha business signs up for a maintenance plan, you receive extra, preferred-customer service benefits including:

  • Prioritized service response
  • Incentives, programs, and special discounts during the year status, including special member discounts
  • Comprehensive scheduled maintenance
  • Repair coverage for selected parts or equipment
  • And more!

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What to Expect from Professional Commercial AC Maintenance

During your preventative HVAC maintenance visit, your AccuTemp Mechanical technician performs these tasks:

  • Inspect, clean, and lubricate system components – This involves cleaning AC coils, blower, and condensate drain, checking electrical connections, lubricating the system, and making adjustments as needed.
  • Check refrigerant levels – This prevents system inefficiency and damage to the AC compressor.
  • Run system diagnostics – Ensures safe, correct cooling system and thermostat operation.
  • Inspect ductwork for air leakage – Prevents wasted energy due to escaping conditioned air. We’ll make small leak repairs as needed.
  • Report potential issues like worn parts to you for recommended repair – These as-needed repairs avoid unexpected repair costs, breakdowns, and system damage that can occur if the system runs with malfunctioning parts.  
  • And more.

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Where to Get Affordable, Expert Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Kenosha

The professional HVAC technicians at AccuTemp Mechanical are here to help keep your cooling system, and your business, running at peak performance! We offer a comprehensive set of services, including installation, system replacement, commercial AC repair and emergency service 24/7.

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