Commercial and industrial HVAC systems often operate 24 hours a day under extreme loads, making comprehensive maintenance a critical need. A commercial HVAC maintenance agreement ensures that your equipment receives the care it needs on a regular schedule, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the specific needs of your business.

What a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement Provides

A typical maintenance agreement includes all the cleaning, calibration, and maintenance required for your commercial and industrial HVAC systems, such as boilers, chillers, process coolers, rooftop AC units, unit heaters, control systems, automation systems, and more. Some of the typical maintenance tasks include:

AC and refrigeration equipment:

  • Changing air filters and balancing airflow
  • Cleaning evaporators and condensers
  • Checking refrigerant levels and pressures
  • Cleaning condensate drains
  • Testing compressors, start capacitors, and relays
  • Measuring current and voltage of motors
  • Inspecting electrical systems, safeties, and controls


  • Cleaning burners and flue passages
  • Checking and adjusting gas pressure
  • Analyzing combustion gases
  • Calibrating control systems
  • Inspecting safeties and lockouts
  • Inspecting seals and gaskets
  • Measuring water or steam pressures
  • Inspecting firebrick and refractory materials

Furnaces and unit heaters:

  • Cleaning burners and flues
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger
  • Measuring flue gases
  • Inspecting the pilot light or ignition system
  • Cleaning the blower fan and air handler
  • Changing air filters
  • Testing safeties and controls

By keeping your HVAC equipment properly maintained, you can ensure it operates more reliably and efficiently.

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

With commercial HVAC maintenance agreement, your business can keep its mechanical systems in peak condition, which can provide several benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy costs at your facility
  • Increased HVAC reliability
  • Reduced downtime and losses
  • Fewer unnecessary service calls
  • Reduced component wear and failure
  • Lower repair costs
  • A longer service life for your HVAC equipment
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Greater employee comfort
  • Higher productivity
  • And more…

Your business depends on its commercial HVAC systems, so it makes sense to keep your equipment maintained and in peak condition. Not only will you protect your investment, but you will save money in the long-term.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreements in Kenosha, WI

At AccuTemp Mechanical, we offer commercial HVAC maintenance agreements that tailored to the specific needs of your HVAC equipment, as well as your facility and schedule. With more than 40 years of commercial and industrial HVAC industry experience, our technicians have the skills and knowledge to keep your mechanical systems running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. We offer comprehensive commercial and industrial HVAC services to businesses throughout Kenosha, WI and the surrounding areas. Our services include HVAC design, installation, replacements, repairs, maintenance, and more.

Don’t skimp on the HVAC maintenance at your Kenosha business—contact AccuTemp Mechanical to learn more about our comprehensive commercial HVAC maintenance agreements! Simply call our experts at (262) 671-4012 or contact us online today!

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